Monday, 5 October 2009

I'm still alive, here's proof...

.....but for some reason the colour's screwed on these uploads!

Not sure why. The last image here has uploaded okay though, probably because its black and white!

Anyway, believe it or not but together with a 58 page storyboard this work got me through my MA stage assessment. It looks much better when the colour's correct, honest...

Not sure where to take it all now, if at all. Basically I have these choices:

a) Shelve it and do something new that I've written. I would probably go for a simpler premise and story line (gotta work faster this time!).
b) Shelve it and adapt an existing story line (by a real author) into comic book form.
c) Start a second draft, which will probably mean a complete overhaul of the characters, setting, everything. This might just end up being the same as option (a).
d) Do any of the above but also turn it into something new....I'm considering learning how to use Flash to create something interactive. The only problem here is that I don't want to do something gimmicky that isn't quite a comic and isn't quite an animation. I'll have to take a look at what's already out there and read up on some current theories and ideas (Scott McCloud, hello again) to inform my opinion.

Currently looking at options (a) to (c)...reading some short stories (only Kafka so far, gonna take a look at Thurber, Poe and a few others too) and also reading Stephen King's 'On Writing' to get some more hints and tips. On the comics front, I'm desperate to read Dave Mazzucchelli's newbie and Jason's latest. Both have been ordered but have not yet arrived.

Next I'm gonna have a go at ripping my 1st draft of Paper Cuts (is that really the title?) apart, world by world...

I keep imagining my final work for this course to be a simple silent narrative with some super strong tight sequences drawn to the best of my ability...I wanna impress after all. Kinda like what I did with 'How the Rhinoceros Got his Skin' but a billion times better. But maybe it's dangerous to keep picturing something when you haven't even got a clue what it's REALLY gonna be about yet. Gimmee back my guitar, I'm sick of this visual storytelling shit....

Monday, 20 July 2009

More sequence designs...

...from me sketchbook. I'll try not to leave it 3 months until I post again next time!

Long time no post!

Haven't put anything up for a while. Here's a sample of what I've been up to. Mainly sequence designs, character designs and storyboards...

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Kitty and others

More sketchbook stuff. The 'Hello Kitty' toy has inspired a new character for my graphic novel...I'll explain all in my next post I promise. Too late and too tired for that sorta thing right now.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Losing control

Here's an attempt at how one of the major scenes planned for my comic might pan out. A girl arrives on the scene and becomes an obsessive focus for the protagonist, whilst also making his imaginary world spin out of control. This event triggers the main drive of the narrative, causing our hero to struggle with his inner feelings and as a result attempt to claw out of his imaginary world.
I'm not sure how successful the above pages are. I'm a little embarrassed by some of the dialogue but hopefully this can be refined. The bottom page depicts the antagonist of the story rocking up to tease our hero. I'm still uncertain about whether he should be a co-worker or perhaps another library user...hmm.

Doodle designs

Playing with doodle ideas. The top third of this drawing is probably the most successful, where I've introduced little frames into the body of the drawing. This could be a way forward for how some of my comic pages might look. The bottom two thirds are more or less just mindless messing around!

Friday, 17 April 2009

New moleskine innit.

A self portrait I did on the way to visit my mother for Easter break (from my reflection in the train carriage window) .

Monday, 6 April 2009

Yet another scene idea..

Not fantastically drawn but here's just a little idea that I thought could link some of the larger scenes in the comic...a counter worker's POV of customers in quick succession. Each one gives either a boring, silly or just plain odd one liner. They could perhaps get sillier as the story progresses...maybe even start to entangle with the hallucinatory world of the protagonist? Then things could get really weird!

In the boozer

Ok, I've ditched the idea of a dodgy video mix up for my opening scene (see last week's post). It just seemed a bit...old hat. Here's a new rough idea - a bitter old employee's leaving do. The script definitely needs tightening here..lots of tightening - should be less frames and punchier. Nevertheless, I thought it could give a nice introduction to all the major players in my story and it would be fairly amusing to see them all p**sed.

Doodle action

A first proper attempt at creating a sequence for the scenes in my comic that take place within the protagonist's doodles/imagination. Quite pleased with the aesthetic and excited about how it could work to tell stories - lots of freedom to play around and use repetitive patterns without worrying to much about having a linear logic to it all. Like the premise of the characters being inner world explorers looking for their creator. Looking forward to making more pages like these!

Monday, 30 March 2009

Birdcrap Blues

Today a f**kin' seagull crapped directly into my eye! I made a quick comic about it in my sketchbook....

Hello and welcome to my blog! I'll be using it to document the progress of my first feature length comic book and other creative projects. The working title of the book is 'Sick Building', a story about a guy trapped in an unfulfilling day job as well as the world of his overactive imagination. I'm currently thinking of setting it in a university library...just like my day job! The idea being that true experience will add more meat to my story...although this may change as my ideas develop.
Above are some roughs for how I might like the book to begin. I want to draw the reader in without giving away too much too soon so I thought a short, (hopefully) funny scene (involving a complaint over a suspect video) that introduces the main characters would do the trick.