Monday, 30 March 2009

Birdcrap Blues

Today a f**kin' seagull crapped directly into my eye! I made a quick comic about it in my sketchbook....

Hello and welcome to my blog! I'll be using it to document the progress of my first feature length comic book and other creative projects. The working title of the book is 'Sick Building', a story about a guy trapped in an unfulfilling day job as well as the world of his overactive imagination. I'm currently thinking of setting it in a university library...just like my day job! The idea being that true experience will add more meat to my story...although this may change as my ideas develop.
Above are some roughs for how I might like the book to begin. I want to draw the reader in without giving away too much too soon so I thought a short, (hopefully) funny scene (involving a complaint over a suspect video) that introduces the main characters would do the trick.