Monday, 5 April 2010


Oh, and here's a piccy of my man I did for a proposed exhibition poster (everyone had to provide their own 'avatar' so to speak). Hopefully it'll get used!


Finally, here's a post about my major project!

The narrative is now so simple it hurts..but at the same time its way more surreal. The protagonist's 'back story' has been stripped away and pretty much everything is now played out in one room.

This room is no ordinary apartment bedroom/living room though. Akin to a stage set from a Beckett play (think Happy Days etc), this place basically is the story. It has been designed purely to facilitate the protagonist's struggle against an uncontrollable force (dirt). Up on one of its ridiculously high walls there is a vent which pumps in the enemy. Apart from that there is only a waste hatch, chair, picture frame and, of course, vacuum cleaner. This minimalist cell is an impossible nightmare made real (no door? no food? no windows?), an interior arguably somewhere within the unconscious of the protagonist; a metaphorical space.

The idea came about as I was preparing for a presentation on my work. I knew that although I had broken down my story quite a bit, it still wasn't working. Then I just started thinking about how this dirt was meant to be beyond the hero's control. How could I simply portray this? How about by making it beyond his reach? So - pop! - out came this weird location idea and then the story pretty much flowed from there! Thumbnails coming soon...

Meanwhile, here are the very first sketches followed by my most recent mock up made in Sketch Up. The book's entire layout etc has also been designed with the room's shape in mind - more on this when the thumbnails are up.